Who Want to Place High in Search Engine Results?

Who Want to Place High in Search Engine Results?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that ensures a website will organically place high in the search engine results. The higher a seo company is able to place a  website on the ranking scale, the greater the chance of increased traffic to the website. Ultimately leads to a better revenue for your company!

Search engine optimization is accomplished by optimizing specific sections in the HTML coding of each independent page.  Pages are read by the search engines, depending on the level of SEO, it can help to increase the likelihood of free referral traffic to your website.  There are a variety of methods as well as opinions about how web pages should be optimized.  The most basic concept being content is king. There are a lot of experts that can help you with this method, like seo byrå Stockholm.

SEO Techniques
According to the SEO company at https://foogleseo.com/dao-tao-seo, keywords should typically be liberally used in the first two paragraphs of the content, but the keywords density should be appropriate for the number of words in the content.  If you find yourself using an excessive amount of keywords, you may find your website ranking on the bottom, or even read at all.

SEO Professional
The easiest, most effective way to increase the overall ranking of your website and/or blog is to enlist the help of a SEO professional from the Link Fire SEO.   We perform a range of tasks, such as analyzing the optimization of your existing content, creating search engine optimized content, and assure that the headers, titles, website themes and meta tags are designed in a way that will improve the overall ranking of your site.

We will also research keywords as well as competitor websites in order to determine what will be the best way to position your site in a way that it outranks other similar sites and will also work to ensure that the keywords appear in the correct places, such as the title and description of your site.

Search engine optimization is a necessity for anyone that is looking to benefit from additional search engine traffic.

Contact #1 Tampa, FL SEO Company | Local Web Marketing Firm | Get The Clicks to learn more information about how we can help improve your rankings and/or website.

Pokemon Go: a brief explanation

Pokemon Go: a brief explanation

For the past few weeks, PokemonGo has been taking over news headlines, social media, and gaming charts. Although the first Pokemon games  on hand-held consoles released over 20 years ago were originally intended for teenagers in different consoles. Many gamers use the YouTube platform to record themselves and their screens as they play many different games, including Pokemon and Pokemon Go. Some of the best youtubers record their podcasts with microphones from http://beststudiomics.com/ to get the best quality recording possible. Similar to the first versions of the Pokemon gaming series, Pokemon Go requires players to collect various species of fictional creatures. They show and explain that the creatures, or Pokemon, are trained by the astutely named ‘trainers’, which will eventually enter the Pokemon into battles against other trainers.

In addition to these guidelines, Pokemon Go has stepped up the game by integrating smart phone capabilities into gameplay. The game is played through an iOS or Android app, and Pokemon trainers must walk around in the real world, utilizing their phone’s camera to survey their surroundings for any nearby Pokemon. PokeStops, which are areas filled with collectable objects and Pokemon to rack up points, will often be crowded by users, so face to face socializing is a fairly common aspect of the game. You can visit Speed Way Media to find out more about the current gaming trends.

On top of all this, players that reach level 5 after attaining enough points are prompted to choose between three teams to join; yellow (Instinct), blue (Mystic) and red (Valor). Each team has different sets of values they follow, as well as a different group of teammates to work with, so making the right choice is often well thought out by trainers.

As much fun as the game has proven to be, there are still some reservations held by critics. Injuries have been reported from users being unaware of their surroundings as they played the game, so make sure to stay safe as collect Pokemon! Like the classic catchphrase says, you “Gotta catch them all”!

Please contact us for inquiries and check out Gaming Rig which is related to design/development of gaming technology.

Tips for Staying Healthy When Working Behind a Desk All Day

Tips for Staying Healthy When Working Behind a Desk All Day

For anyone who works behind a desk all day – which is the majority of Americans, it can be difficult to stay in shape when you’re sitting down for 8+ hours day in and day out. Many of us are tired after the day is over and usually don’t make it to the gym, or cook a healthy meal for dinner but there are ways to keep yourself healthy. The result of that is developing unhealthy lifestyle habits that can be difficult to break. It is important to keep in mind that your work shouldn’t be the most important thing in life. Try getting into good habits like visiting a Balanced Care Naturopathic Wellness Center for natural remedies on anything from heart health, digestion, anxiety & depression, food allergies, women’s health and chronic disease. Below are some natural and easy tips to stay healthy and stress-free.

If you fall into the category of someone who spends the majority of the day working at a desk, but want to live healthier, more active lifestyle, check out some of our tips for staying healthy!

Go for a Walk

It may seem like a small, simple fix, but walking can do wonders! Even if you do a quick walk around a parking lot or park for 10-30 minutes per day, that will help get your body in motion and avoid any muscle stiffness. You’ll enjoy the fresh air as well!


How many times do you feel your neck or legs cramping when you sit too long? That’s because they need a good stretch. You can do 15 simple stretches right at your desk to give your muscles a break from staying in the same position for a long period of time.

Eating Healthy

This is probably the most important part of staying healthy at work. What you consume is the determining factor of how healthy you are. Try visiting a Nuturition Clinic to get the right diet plan for you and to learn more about the importance of each meal and different foods. If you’re constantly going out to lunch everyday, be sure to order a healthy salad, grilled chicken, etc. However, the best way to stay healthy is by bringing a lunch that you prepared yourself, that can adapt to any kind of diet you have, since there are many you can find online, this top journal article on keto diet being one of them. Not only can you prepare your food how you like it, but you will also be saving a lot of money. There are a lot of healthy recipes that you can make at your own kitchen, we recommend using the best utensils when cooking the recipes. Here are 10 healthy nutrition tips for the office.

Stay Hydrated by Drinking Plenty of Water

The one big thing that goes hand in hand with eating healthy is drinking a lot of water. It’s important to stay hydrated everyday, and when you are staying hydrated, be sure you’re drinking water! Stay away from juices and sodas that are high in sugar. These are empty calories that you may not realize your are consuming.

Take Time Off

Last, but certainly not least – TAKE TIME OFF! Staying healthy goes for your physical and mental being. Taking time away from work helps you relax and recharge your batteries. How often do we get stressed out from working too much? Use those vacation days, or book a weekend getaway. It’s so healthy for your mind, body and soul.


  • Do you have any tips for staying healthy when working behind a desk? Tell us your tips in the comments below!
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY  12.30.98

Madison Square Garden – New York, NY 12.30.98


Epic night…Check it out

Set 1: Chalk Dust Torture, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Wilson > Roggae, Sparkle > The Moma Dance, The Old Home Place, Sample in a Jar, Frankie Says > Maze, Loving Cup, Reba

Set 2: Down with Disease > Piper, Prince Caspian, The Squirming Coil[1] -> Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore: Grind[2], Possum

[1] Atypical jam.
[2] Debut; Tom Marshall on vocals.

· Manteca tease in The Moma Dance
· Piper tease in The Squirming Coil
· Wipe Out tease in Possum

Noteworthy Jams: Down with Disease, Prince Caspian (highly recommended), Possum (highly recommended)

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Tom Marshall (Guest)
Notes: Moma included Manteca teases. Coil included Piper teases and featured an atypical jam that segued into Slave. The debut of Grind featured Tom Marshall on vocals and was dedicated to Phish fan Chris Heinel, who had recently been injured in a lacrosse accident. Possum included Wipe Out teases. For this show, the Holiday Run dancers were dressed as nymphs.

Deciding on an Effective Company for Website Development

Deciding on an Effective Company for Website Development

Trying to find the best company for website development can seem to be a daunting task, especially if you are a small business surrounded by many options!  However, a few simple steps can help you to determine what your needs are and allow for you to narrow your options accordingly to create the best and most responsive design for your website.

The first step is considering your website’s overall purpose.  Obviously, drawing clients is key, but what else?  Providing tools such as videos, pictures, and testimonials from satisfied customers can go a long way to helping build your client base.  You can then review the web design company you are considering and assess whether they have experience in these areas and how similar companies they have handled appear on their own sites.

Cost can of course be a critical element in deciding whether or not to use a company.  Prices can vary widely, and as such, discussing a given design firm’s charges up front can prevent surprises later on.  Think of what you and your company can afford and build within those parameters.

Our personal injury law firm phoenix az has been representing residents of southeastern North Carolina since 1962. Whether protecting the rights of long-term North Carolina residents, visitors to the state or members of the military based at Camp Lejeune, our mission is to provide skilled, efficient legal services for the problems that affect the daily lives of our clients.

Homework is key too.  Do your due diligence in considering the web design company and its background.  Have they been in business a long time?  How long?  How many companies have they served?  Do they have any statistics they can share regarding client development or success based on their past customers?  Most web designers will have an established portfolio that they can readily share with potential new patrons, so don’t hesitate to ask and ensure that their focus can meet your needs!

According to chloebeck.co.uk/wedding-favours, our debonair groom, Nathan sports a dapper look in a chic burgundy and black tuxedo from Friar Tux Shop. This couple’s style will leave your wedding guests in awe!

For those seeking a streamlined and professional web design for your large, small, or in-between sized business, contact us today for personalized service that highlights your corporation!

4 Effective Ways to Promote an E-Commerce Site

4 Effective Ways to Promote an E-Commerce Site

The rise of e-commerce has forced traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and department stores to rethink their operations. It’s estimated that more than half of all global Internet users have purchased at least one product online. Of course, this is good news for e-commerce websites. But if you really want to capitalize on this trend, you need to effectively promote your e-commerce site.


Millions of advertisers have used Google AdWords to promote their products and services, so why aren’t you? Using the pay-per-click (PPC) network AdWords, you can promote your e-commerce website and its respective products to a narrow, highly targeted demographic, paying only when a prospect clicks your ad, and aim at making it the best ecommerce platform. If your e-commerce site sells pet supplies, you can target your ads to people searching for “dog toys,” “dog collar,” “dog leash,” etc. Because these searches are relevant to your site’s products, you’ll have a high conversion rate.

Of course, AdWords isn’t the only PPC network out there. Bing Ads is another powerful PPC network that can drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your e-commerce site. It focuses specifically on Bing and Yahoo search traffic, along with some select partner websites.

Google Shopping Ads

Not to be confused with AdWords, Shopping Ads is a self-serving advertising platform offered by Google. What makes this digital marketing platform particularly effective, however, is its focus on physical products. Shopping Ads go beyond the standard format of pure-text ads. They include the product name, photo, price, store and more. You can even set up extensions such as customer reviews and store availability to further enhance your Shopping Ads.

Give Away Your Product for Free

I know what you’re probably thinking: how am I supposed to earn money on a product if I give it away for free? You obviously won’t earn money initially, but hosting contests and sweepstakes in which you give away a product is an excellent way to build brand recognition while spreading the word about your e-commerce site in the process. Alternatively, you can give away a product in exchange for an honest review. Just inform the recipient that he or she must disclose this mutual relationship in their review.

Start an Email Newsletter

Email marketing remains a time-tested and effective way to promote websites, get a customized SMG Newsletters services to get started today. If you have an e-commerce site that you’d like to promote, try setting up newsletters on other sites, collecting prospective customers’ email addresses. Once you’ve harvested enough, you can send these prospects promotional material, pitching your e-commerce site and its products.

To learn more about e-commerce promotion and other digital marketing strategies, contact us today.

Social Media-An Integral Component of Every Business

Social Media-An Integral Component of Every Business

Some businesses still have a tendency to think of social media as a nice add-on feature.  Perhaps part of the current trends, but certainly nothing that has as much impact as time-honored methods of interaction such as phone communication or TV ads.  Any business that judiciously embraces the concept that social media is as much a fundamental part of their corporate presentation to potential and current clients has likely sealed continuance of their business for years to come.

It is no secret that young consumers almost always turn to technology and social media as their first, rather than last, avenue of communication.  Texting and reviewing internet sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are everyday occurrences for the technology generation.  Eventually the young will grow into the group of consumers who will have the bulk of consumer economic power.  Businesses need to fully prepare to accommodate how their clientele would like to interact with them.

Adding a chat feature to the company website and monitoring it, is as important as listing the company phone number.  Many people in the process of making a large purchasing decision go online to evaluate the opinions of others listed on customer review sites and sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Offering clientele a place to review the service or product on website and social media outlets is essentially free advertising for a company.  Having attractive visual media for interested parties to share on sites like Instagram and Pinterest offers companies another avenue of effective brand advertising.

Capitalizing on the increased channels of customer interaction that social media offers is one of the key components of ensuring continued corporate success.  For more information on how to tailor your social media outlets to effectively communicate with both current and potential customers, please contact us.

Reaching Your Audience Through Social Media

Reaching Your Audience Through Social Media

Companies today fall behind if they do not utilize social media outlets to reach their constituents. Companies should consider increasing the use of social media to better reach their online audiences.

Here are a few tips for easily adding Facebook marketing to your existing marketing plans:

  • For an effective Facebook page, content needs to be regular and consistent.  We suggest creating a weekly or monthly schedule for content and informational goals.  If a company is currently sharing or engaging on social media, continue with these original postings but supplement with planned material.
  • Content should be tailored to a company’s specific mission and audience but can include general inspirational or encouraging posts to engage followers.
  • Use the scheduling feature on Facebook to streamline this process. Companies can schedule everything out in advance so it’s easy and turnkey.
  • Consider running paid ads on Facebook.  Companies can set a monthly cap and commit to small amounts such as $5 per day.  This small investment quickly turns into new “likes” every day.  Each company will see different immediate return on ads but over the long run, having more followers will spread a company’s message more effectively.

At The DBDO Group, we offer a one-stop digital experience for small, medium and large clients. Our services include website development/design, social media design/development/management, search engine optimization, paid and organic Google ads, e-commerce solutions, mobile solutions, and hosting. We would love to work with your company to optimize your Facebook and social media outlets.  Please contact us today for more information

5 Website Design Questions to Ask Yourself

5 Website Design Questions to Ask Yourself

Let’s admit it. Designing your company’s website, though high on your to-do list, is something you probably don’t have time to actually sit down and accomplish. You may have a general design concept, but putting those fantastic ideas into practice is another thing entirely. The prospect of learning new concepts such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the other technical terms involved in building a website are no doubt making you reconsider launching your own. Even with do-it-yourself website builders, the fantastic images you have in your mind for your website will always fall short of your expectations. Then again, maybe being creative just isn’t your greatest strength and you would rather have someone else design your website.

In any case, it is in your company’s best interest to hire someone experienced in website design that will draw in new customers by highlighting your products and services as well as offering you new and exciting ways to bring in more revenue with your current ones. Also, when you want to fill out PDF forms quickly without Adobe Acrobat. No watermarks or registration use sodapdf and learn more.

Here are five questions to ask yourself when you are considering your website’s design:

1. What are you trying to sell to your customers? Are you showcasing a product or service? Or are you offering your clients educational insight?

2. What is your customer base? Are you trying to engage with businesses or individuals? If they are individuals, gender, age, and geographic location all play a part in determining the tone of your website.

3. Will you need E-commerce? Are you considering selling your product or service online? If you invoice clients who then mail you checks, perhaps setting up a secure online payment system would be beneficial, but if you do this make sure to protect yourself with a CAP certification for cybersecurity, protecting the information of your customers is the key. Distributed Denial of Service will become a major problem as the internet of things evolves. The new internet-connected gizmos have catastrophic security but the number of devices available is exploding.

4. Could social media enhance your business? Having a presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can generate more traffic for your website and thus bring in more potential customers.

5. How often would you need your website updated? Is the news for your industry fast-paced? Do you run sales or specials frequently? Are you thinking of adding a blog to your website?

Even if you don’t have the answers to all of these questions, please contact us so we can design the best website for your company.

Announcing the Launch of the New DBDO Digital Website

Announcing the Launch of the New DBDO Digital Website

DBDO Digital is proud to announce the launch of our new site at dbodigital.com! This new site represents the evolution of Designs By Dave O., our long-running web and e-commerce design and customization business. We’re still offering all of the services that we previously provided, just with a new look and some new features to provide an even better experience for our customers.

DBDO Digital provides a full range of services aimed at taking your idea for an online business presence from concept to reality in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. We offer web design, e-commerce implementation, social media marketing and help with logo design and shaping the overall image of your brand. Our web designs are also sensitive to the growing segment of users who interact with the online space through their phones and tablets, and we can implement responsive technology in the sites we build as well as help you establish a more mobile-friendly browsing experience in your existing sites.

Our new site features an online portfolio of some of our previous work as well as customer testimonials. We’re also very excited about the launch of our new blog, in which we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tips for designing your site, improving your social media channels and implementing SEO techniques for all your online content — among other awesome topics!

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the new site, or if you’re interested in our services. We’re always happy to review your situation and let you know what we can do for you.

The 5 Most Important Pages on Your Website

The 5 Most Important Pages on Your Website

Some of the pages on your website are more important than others. Okay, many of you probably find that fairly obvious — but I’m surprised how few people actually apply this knowledge to their websites to improve conversions.

I’m all about low hanging fruit; about undertaking the easiest tasks that will have the biggest results. What I’m about to describe in this article has the potential to improve your site dramatically with just a few, critical changes.

Let’s get right into it. Every website is different, but generally speaking, here are the four most important (and most-visited) pages on a website:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Page
  3. Blog
  4. Purchase and Delivery Page
  5. Contact Us Page

In my next series of posts, I’ll explain how to optimize each one of these pages. (And if your most-visited pages are different than the ones listed above, you’ll still learn a framework for optimizing any of the important pages on your website.)

What do I mean by “optimize” a webpage?

You’ve probably heard the word “optimize” most commonly used in phrases like “search engine optimization” (SEO) and “conversion rate optimization” (CRO). I’m actually referring to something broader here, but the advice that I’m delivering will help to enhance both of those.

The optimization I’m going to explain will create user optimized pages. In the pursuit of SEO and CRO by using regular tactics like the strategy of PBN backlinks; however, when it comes to this one we have to keep in mind that it can be risky if you don’t follow a good process when creating them. It’s easy to overlook the broader, big-picture idea. First and foremost, a site must be optimized for the user. SERPninja, a backlink-provider remains unrivalled in delivering powerful high-quality backlinks, which do not degrade over time, and which optimise webpages to the optimum. And Here’s how you can do that.

How to Optimize Each Page

The broad framework for optimizing these pages the same across your home page, About page, blog, and Contact Us page. There are two simple questions to ask of every page, and the specifics of optimizing those pages will flow from the answers to those two questions. The first question is all about the user, and the second question is all about you. Here we go:

Question 1:  What is the user looking for?

Remember, we’re focusing on the user. Why are they on the page to begin with? There are a few things you need to know:

  • Where did they come from? The idea here is to understand the origins of the user, so you can deliver relevant content.
    • Did they come from a search engine? (If so, which query?)
    • An email? (What kind of email?)
    • A navigation menu? (What option on the menu?)
  • What do they need to know? A single page can deliver a limited amount of information, so you need to determine what that information is going to be. You want them to knowsomething so that they will then do something (which is addressed in the next question). Remember: Less is more. The more information you load up on your main pages, the less likely the user is to remember any of it. Give them less, and they’re more likely to remember — and do — what you want them to.

Pro Tip: Use visuals such as explainer videos, diagrams, hero shots, and so on to help compact a lot of information to a single page. To get the most out of your visuals, make sure you correctly optimize your images and videos. 

Once you answer the question of what the user’s looking for, you’re halfway there. That brings us to question two.

Question 2:  What is my goal for the user?

Now, you need to ask the user to do something. This is where most pages fall short. One of the critical components of a web page is its call-to-action (CTA), and many website owners don’t realize that every single page of a website should contain at least one CTA.

The point of a home page isn’t for the user to see and depart. The point of a product page isn’t for the user to look and leave. The point of content marketing isn’t for user intake, but rather, for user marketing. If you retain only one thing from this article, let it be that every webpage needs a CTA.

Why am I so insistent? Because every shred of knowledge demands some response: A web page imparts knowledge, and that knowledge requires a response. So, what is it that you want the user to do? This is your goal for the user, and it must be clearly and starkly defined as you face the big optimization question.

The question is then, more specifically, what do I want the user to do? Knowledge alone is not enough. What is the application point for the page? Let’s look at some examples of webpages that do it well.

Tips for Optimizing Each Page

Now that I’ve given you a framework and a couple examples, here are a few, more specific tips from the Nashville SEO company to help you on your way to optimizing each of the four most important pages.

1) Home Page

  • Use a big headline, and place the most important information front and center.
  • Provide flow. Make it obvious where the user is supposed to go and what they are supposed to do next.
  • Make your Call To Action (CTA) as big and obvious as possible. A home page may allow for several different CTAs — make it easy for the user to choose by making CTA buttons large and easy to click. Oftentimes, a user uses the home page as a way of finding where on the site she wants to go. For this reason, you should make the navigation menu very clear.

2) About Page

  • Deliver the most important and relevant information above the fold. The user is on your About page for a reason — answer their question(s) without making them scroll.
  • Include at least one CTA. Remember, most people aren’t just looking for more informatio; they’re seeking a deeper level of engagement.

3) Blog (Don’t underestimate the power of a blog)

  • Organize information on your blog clearly, and make sure that information satisfies the reasons users might be on your blog. Most users will want to read the most recent articles, so provide these. You may also want to organize categories on the blog home page, such as “most recent,” “most popular,” or other forms of categorization.
  • Include CTAs that make it easy for the user to subscribe to the blog, download a free resource, and so on. Even though the user came to get information, you want them to get engaged and connected.
  • Provide CTAs in the core design of your blog so they appear on each individual blog post. In my experience, most blog visitors land on individual blog articles through organic search, instead of landing on your blog’s “home” page. To get these users engaged, put CTAs on the sidebars, in the footer, and other places.
  • One very important use of having a blog is that you can use white label SEO services to help it climb a higher rank on the search results. This automatically helps in your website getting the right exposure. Visit https://sites.google.com/view/white-label-seo-company-review to find the right information on white label SEO.

4) Purchase and Delivery Page

  • Even when it sounds like common sense for most of us, some people don’t get it, but is Vital for you to have a friendly and easy layout where they can access and place orders for your products in an easy way, in special if your customer circle is mostly elderly based. Make sure to keep your site update, with visible options and short (but clear) instructions, also product delivery need to be done by professionals able to work in shape and time, never use the regular postal service, here you can check the best pick and pack services South Carolina based.

5) Contact Us Page

  • Put the information they’re looking for above the fold — an email address, phone number, contact form, map, mailing address, and so on. Of all four of these webpages, the Contact Us page implies the most detailed level of intent on the part of the user.
  • Use CTAs that allow the user to contact you easily (since, presumably, that’s why they came to your Contact Us page). Make the CTA really obvious, and engage them by gratifying their intent instantly, using CTA copy like ”Chat now!” “Email now!”.

In conclusion, here’s how to optimize pages like a pro: Look at your most visited pages, figure out why users are there, give them what they want, and ask them for an action in return. Regardless of your most-visited pages or even the nature of your website, you can create more engaged users.

Have questions?  Reach out…

Why Responsive Design Is Important

Why Responsive Design Is Important

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is when the design and development of the website should respond to the users device like screen size and orientation. When the user switches from their iPad to iPhone, the website should automatically change to the correct resolution and image size to the current device.

“Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.” Jeffrey Veen

Things to Consider

Redesign your website. If you have not updated your website since tablets and cellphones have become popular, then yes you should update your website. Before cellphones and tablets, making a website was a little easier. You did not have to worry about creating a website that will accommodate with several different types of devices. You only had to worry about a computer display. Your website will have very low traffic if it does not work well on other devices.

  1. Consider the most important content for mobile devices. Everybody knows when designing a website simple is better. Most people do not have time to go through tons of information to get one simple answer. Just about everyone looks up what they are looking for on their smart phone. The easier it is to navigate through your website, the better. The smart phone screens are already small, so having a simple website is best for mobile viewers.

Always Keep In Mind

Start small – Make sure your website response well with mobile devices. Creating your design around a mobile view first is always best.

Check content – Simple is better. Make sure your content on your website can be see on all devices.

Customer’s point of view – Look at your website from your customer’s point of view. Is it easy or difficult is it to find basic information on your services or products?

The Best Time To Tweet

The Best Time To Tweet

The 4.8 million-tweet research study

Wow, we learned so much looking at the awesome stats from those who use Buffer! Here were some of the takeaways we came up with. I’d love to hear what catches your eye, too!

  • Early mornings are the best time to tweet in order to get clicks.
  • Evenings and late at night are the best time, on average, for total engagement with your tweets
  • In some cases, the most popular times to post are opposite of the best times to post.
  • Popular times and best times to tweet differ across time zones.

The most popular time to tweet:  Noon to 1:00 p.m.

We’ve taken the data from all tweets sent through Buffer to find the most popular times for posting to Twitter. Looking at all tweets sent across all major time zones, here is an overview of the most popular times to tweet.

  • Noon to 1:00 p.m. local time, on average for each time zone, is the most popular time to tweet
  • The highest volume of tweets occurs between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., peaking between noon and 1:00 p.m.
  • The fewest tweets are sent between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.

Happy Tweeting!

Mobilegeddon – Is your site mobile friendly?

Mobilegeddon – Is your site mobile friendly?

Last month, Google announced that mobile is going to become a factor of where a site ranks as well as implementing a “mobile-friendly” description tag next to the link. This tag shows users which sites will play nice with their mobile device and which sites could have a slower load time or not offer the full experience of the desktop version.

On its webmaster blog, Google states:

“We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

Again, Google puts the focus on its users and the user experience. The best way to provide a seamless user experience across all devices is to have a Responsive Website Design (RWD). Now, you’ll only have one URL for your site instead of an m.brandwebsite.com redirect and all pages of your site are available for the user. Overall, this creates a much better experience for your website visitors.

In the past, a mobile redirect was an acceptable way to have your website show up for mobile device users to present the necessary pages of your site. Now, Google will be looking at the mobile-friendliness of your site on a page-by-page basis. Each page of your site must be ready to display on a tablet or smartphone or it will not show up in the first few search results. We would not recommend adding every page of your site on your m.brandwebsite.com redirect. We recommend moving forward with RWD to increase the lifespan of your website with future updates to how search engines index your site.

Google recommends using RWD over other design patterns.”

The first step though is figuring out if your site is mobile-friendly. Google has its own mobile-friendly test to see if your site is meeting these new requirements.

If you have any questions, on how to bring your Google Listing up and to make sure your site passes the “Mobile Friendly Test” Contact us.

We ONLY build Responsive Website Designs (RWD’s).

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Local SEO: How Should You Approach It?

Local SEO: How Should You Approach It?

The subject of SEO is one that many of us spend tireless hours, days and even years trying to understand, which is really hard to do with Google always changing the rules without coming right out and sayin’ what they’ve changed.

When most of us think of SEO, we think of ranking a website for certain keywords in order to gain traffic to said site. However, when you throw in the idea of Local SEO, many people are thrown for a loop. Why?

Because ranking for local search takes a different approach than what you would traditionally do to rank a website. This leaves many people confused and wondering how to get their site to page one or if it’s even possible.

Just like any other SEO tactic, things are subject to change at the drop of the hat, but so far, the list below is a great place to start when trying to rank your business in the local search results.

But first, let’s talk about why Local SEO is different and if everyone should implement Local SEO tactics for their site.

Local SEO Agencies Brisbane Versus “Normal” SEO: Are They Different?

Simple answer: Yes, they’re different.

How are the different? What is one of the main things thing that makes them different? I wanted to know and so I reached out our SEO team to help me with the answer:

While they’re similar, local SEO typically has a geographical component that organic SEO doesn’t. It’s primarily focused on building signals or relevance and reliability around a brick and mortar location or series of locations.

Essentially, ranking in Google’s Local Search takes the approach of nailing down that you are, in fact, a locally based business or a Nursing Major in North Georgia.

Ranking for the Local SERPs takes a different approach than trying to rank your site or pages on just a general topic or keywords alone (i.e. Organic SEO), however, there are things that remain the same such as creating unique content or acquiring a certain amount of domain authority for your site (more on that later.) Blog writing service can provide you with the content you need to advance you brand.

In fact, there are things about Local SEO that leave the rules you often hear about for Organic Search ranking at the door and there are things you’ll have to do to rank your website locally that you would (almost) never have to do for what we call “normal” SEO.

This can make this a bit confusing, but in my experience, with a bit of time and practice, it’s actually considerably easier to rank a page of website for Google’s Local SERPs than in Organic (normal) SEO.

Should Everyone Implement Local SEO Tactics?

Again, the straightforward answer: No.

According to SEO Manchester Updates Local SEO can and should be used for businesses that serve a certain geographical location, but if it doesn’t, then trying to rank your site in Google for this purpose would be completely useless.

For example, it would make sense if a brick and mortar company tried to rank its site to show up in local searches because they are trying to kick up business from their local area since that is where they are located.

On the other hand, say you’re a blogger or marketer who writes about clocks or something off topic like that. Since you’re likely focusing on targeting a keyword and the interest of a larger target group than just a local audience, then ranking your site for your local area isn’t going to do you any good because you’re not generating income for those people.

According to experts at the top SEO agency London, Local SEO works best and is best for businesses (big and small) who are looking to get business and leads from their local area. If you serve both a local audience and a global one, then Local SEO will still have its benefits.

Update Your Website With Fresh And Engaging Content

As a part of the internet world, your website is a living being. Every addition or update you make to your website is going to immediately come alive on the internet. The updates you make will play a critical part in the interaction with your customers, clients, visitors, and the search engine they are using.

However, if you are operating a website that rarely sees any updates, your website may no longer be viewed as a living being because there has not been anything new or interesting added. Search engines are havens for new and fresh content. So, if you make sure you update your website with fresh and high-quality content, the search engines will appreciate you for it.

It does not matter if you are starting your first website or if you own your business website, frequently adding content to your website is great for SEO as well as your target audience, you just need to find the best local SEO services in your area, so that they can advise you on what the best strategies for your business are. Your target audience expects your business to remain alive and active. You can remain active by publishing content on a frequent basis. Your website can stay alive by giving your audience the latest updates and address their needs at all times.

You want your audience to stay informed and updated about your business’s latest developments. Sometimes the latest developments can just be an announcement about a service or product, or anything that may be related to your business or the industry. When your audience is always informed about the latest products and services, you will do your part in ensuring they are always engaged.

One of the objectives at PlacementSEO Franchise Work is to engage your audience, this will strengthen brand loyalty. The strategies used can differ depending on if you want to promote the corporate brand, your franchise locations, or even franchise development, but it will all be working towards embracing customer loyalty. Loyalty is not something you are automatically given, it is something you have to earn.  You will be able to increase your search engine ranking as the returning traffic increases because the traffic adds tremendous value to your website.

When you continuously produce fresh and engaging content, you will ensure your visitors are always informed and this will keep them coming back for more. You will have various opportunities to convince your target audience about the advantages and benefits you can provide, and creating consistent content will prove that you are well-informed about the content you have been producing.

In addition to fresh content making visitors spend more time on your website, adding fresh and engaging content will likely turn into leads, plus they make sure to work with the best marketing agents out there. When you publish content that is customer-centric, you will not only sell your brand, but you will also educate them. Are you ready to update your website with more content? Are you ready to engage your target audience?

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The Bitcoin System

The Bitcoin currency system’s complexity cannot be overstated. This is one of the main problems that needs to be overcome, because if people do not trust the system, they will not use it to a large degree. Some type of authenticity mechanism must be put in place to convey to the general public that the Bitcoin currency system is legitimate. With this in mind, some Bitcoin currency proponents are now proposing that it should be regulated like a currency – or commodity – exchange, since more and more people is learning about this and how the free bitcoin faucet work from sites like thedrum.com and others.

Problems surrounding the Bitcoin price system are exacerbated when one considers that there are fewer than 10 core developers of the system. This is a problem, because such tight control of a very complex system raises significant skepticism among potential customers and the prospect of a truly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Marketing the Bitcoin currency system as an “open source code” design – and one that is politically neutral, transnational, decentralized and accessible by everyone to monitor – is a helpful strategy. Trading software reviews will assist in finding trading opportunities in the markets. However, it is highly unlikely that enough people will ever spend the amount of time on the GitHub Repository or sourceforge.net to develop the understanding and confidence in the system’s design, functionality, and checks and balances to garner the level of support that Bitcoin needs to solidify it as a mainstream currency system. Get high profits with https://the-bitcoinrevolution.com/.

To complicate matters even further, perhaps the greatest issue surrounding the Bitcoin currency system pertains to a process coined “Bitcoin Mining.” In essence, Bitcoin mining pertains to a process where “miners” collate digital peer-to-peer transactions that have recently taken place in the Bitcoin currency system. Once these transactions have been compiled, the Bitcoin miners generate a digital block ledger to account for the transactions. These transactions represent all activity in the Bitcoin currency system since the time in which its cumulative global block chain ledger book was last updated. This type of cumulative ledger has been maintained since the Bitcoin digital currency system’s inception in 2009.

While U.S. policy makers and regulators are taking more of an unbridled approach to Bitcoin regulation, it is important to note that some companies in the U.S. are taking a proactive approach toward restricting the use of all digital currencies. For example, Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL
Apple Inc

) is one of the most recent companies to ban the use of all crypto-currency applications from its systems. With this in mind, U.S. investors should remember the caveat emptor principle before participating in the Bitcoin currency system.

Bitcoin mining maintains the Bitcoin currency system’s integrity by reconciling all legitimate transactions, and parsing out all problematic transactions, such as the potential for users to double spend their Bitcoins (visit Bitcoin code website for more details. In return for the miners’ use of their time and resources, they receive compensation in the form of newly created Bitcoins. This, in turn, increases the number of Bitcoins in circulation and helps grow the Bitcoin currency system in an efficient, effective and accountable manner. Unfortunately, while the idea of a Bitcoin mining operation can be viewed as a working solution to developing a robust digital currency system, it is also easy to imagine how this type of system could be manipulated by a small group of sophisticated code developers for financial gain.

Read more: DC Forecasts cryptocurrency news.

3 Easy Search Engine Optimization Tips for WordPress Sites

Getting higher search engine optimization rankings is crucial if you have a small paid marketing budget. Even if you do have money to spend on paid ads, getting large amounts of high-converting free traffic will greatly boost your ROI. Here are three helpful tips for boosting your SEO rankings when using WordPress.

Optimize Your Media

First of all, you don’t want to slow down your site with large image and video files. You can compress the file sizes of your images automatically when you upload them by using a plugin such as WP Smush Pro. In addition, never upload and host videos on your own servers; simply upload them to Youtube and embed them by using the code Youtube gives you. Check this page from White Label Reviews.

Next, you want to optimize your images for SEO. To do that, use your target keywords in the “alternative text” area. In addition, rename the image files before you upload them and include the keywords you are targeting, any Automated SEO Service will recommend you to highly use this method, since it will bring big advantages to your brand.

Optimize Your Post Formatting

Formatting also plays a role in SEO. Your posts’ titles should be H1 tags; subheadings should be H2 or H3 tags. You should use your target keyword in the title and related keywords in the subheadings. Always break down large blocks of texts into smaller paragraphs, and use images to make your post easier to scan and read.

Optimize Your URL Formatting

You also want to make sure that you are optimizing your URL structure for SEO purposes – it is one of the most important search engine optimization tactics – Web 2.0 Ranker. First of all, don’t use URLs that are too long. WordPress allows you to rename your web pages’ URLs; use something that contains your target keyword but is not more than a few words long. In addition, you can help Google figure out what your pages are about by creating pages under parent categories (like this: yoursite.com/page/sub-page-1 and yoursite.com/page/sub-page-2).

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