One of the great things about web design is that it’s a constantly evolving thing. While each of the web design trends of 2018 will require a slight reconfiguration of how we design sites, they shouldn’t require that you completely redo your website. It’s simply a matter of upgrading or tweaking your design, to make it look a little differently this year.

Of course, doing away with bad design is always a good thing. Inefficient processes and outdated techniques should always be replaced once you have a smarter way of executing them. However, doing away with the old? Well, if 2018’s web design trends tell us anything, it’s that “old” design trends from 2017 aren’t going as far away as we might think, you can try checking the UK web design trends which are the latest in the market to developing any new website. In fact, much of what I’m about to share is going to look quite familiar, just with a more modern twist.

So, let’s take a closer look at what each one entails as well as some real-world examples that demonstrate each web design trend nicely.

  1. Bright and bold minimalism and engaging photographic content
  2. Polished web applications
  3. Interactive content
  4. Asymmetry and brutalism inspired free-form
  5. Illustrations and animations
  6. Consistency and focus on understanding the end users
  7. More video, fluid shapes and use of gradients
  8. Mobile Prioritization

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