What To Do When You Make A Marketing Mistake

What To Do When You Make A Marketing Mistake

What to do when you make a marketing mistake, the 5 alternative fixes:

Marketing is a very important part of business. It’s what catches people’s attention and can either draw them in or push them away. It is also very important to proofread the marketing materials you send out to the public. One mistake and you could be looked down upon. So what happens if you do make a marketing mistake?

First, you should realize that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Even the very best in the industry have made mistakes. The neat thing about mistakes is that they can either be fixed or be learned from.

Did you happen to catch our latest mailer? The title had a typo. The title stated that Designs by Dave O. was offering, “Free Website Website Hosting”. It’s very possible that most people did not catch that small mistake. Whether you caught it or not, think to yourself, how would you handle that mistake? Would you fix the typo and resend the mailer or would you find an alternative?

The most obvious solution for any mistake would be to fix it immediately. However, some mistakes do not have such an easy fix. Here are some alternatives from a creative agency london to turn your marketing mistakes into something positive:

1. Made a typo or error on a marketing material? Give an offer to whoever brings the incorrect item to you. You can give them something for free or some sort of discount. This will turn your mistake into something fun and rewarding for the customer. It will change their opinion of you and your company.

2. Don’t always bring light to your mistake. If you make a simple typo error and it’s too late to fix it, don’t call attention to it. Don’t send out another item stating that you made a typo. Unless its false advertising, leave the mistake alone, sometimes people won’t even catch it.

3. If your mistake is bigger than just a typo and requires more than just a quick fix, make sure you always do right by the audience the material has reached. If you make a mistake such as unintentional false advertising, then send out an apology and a call to action to make things right again.

4. See it as a good thing. Like the phrase, “Any publicity is good publicity”, your mistake might catch people’s attention and they will check out your business or service regardless. They might start talking to their friends and family and before you know it, you’ve got word of mouth marketing happening! Your mistake just might be a blessing in disguise.

5. Having a plan in place to catch the mistakes before time. If you have a system in place or people to run your marketing ideas by first, then mistakes may not happen in the first place. It is very important to proofread and fact check before sending anything out to the public.

With these few alternative fixes in mind, you will do just fine if you make a marketing mistake. Remember, we are all human and all make mistakes, it’s how you handle them that makes the difference.

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3 Key Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

3 Key Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

3 Key Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Social media is essential if you are trying to sell products online. The name of the game is to create a social media following and then getting that following to purchase on social media or to drive buyers to your website.  I’ll quickly will discuss some secret social media strategies that Designs By Dave O can help get you results:

1) Partner with Instagram Influencers to Grow Sales

You are likely on Instagram and posting pictures of your products, videos of your customers using them, and sharing interesting infographics about your business or industry. But partnering with influencers on Instagram in your industry can really drive sales. For example, let’s say you sell tee shirts. You can partner with an influencer and have them post a picture of them wearing your shirt, with a link to order. Then give the influencer a portion or percentage of your sales. You get to tap into their audience and get fresh leads for your e-commerce business.

2) Utilize Facebook Groups

Be sure to join or create a Facebook Group surrounding your products or industry. Create a built-in customer base where you can make sales on your website or even right on the Facebook platform. Additionally, you can join other groups, provide value first, and then promote your products there. Most of these groups will have a day dedicated to promoting your products.

3) Use Twitter’s Search Functions

Sometimes you just need to get into the trenches and sell. Use Twitter’s search tools to find your potential customers. Let’s say you sell FitBits. You can search Twitter for “want to buy a FitBit” and then begin a conversation with them. As you progress with the conversation, you can direct them to your website to order.

By using these little known tips, you can set yourself apart from other e-commerce outfits who are using social media. Contact us for more Social Media tips that you can integrate into your E-commerce strategy.

Responsive Design = Flexible Design

Responsive Design = Flexible Design

Responsive design

A concept that essentially describes the process in which a website is designed so that it responds to its environment.  Many start-up companies dream of an exciting layout for the website that will showcase their great products or services.  Yet it is no secret that visitors to their site will arrive there by way of multiple devices.  Smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs are all devices of different size.   A site design that may look fantastic on a full-screen laptop might be lacking on the screen of a smart phone user.

Designers use techniques to accommodate the multiple-sized devices customers use to view web pages and how they position those devices.   Whether horizontally or vertically, as in the case of a smart phone or tablet, a responsive design, is inherently flexible.

The advantage of responsive design is that it enables a designer to speak to audiences on different devices.  Customers who are heavy mobile device users want concise information about a website.   A desktop user might be looking for more visual information that will help them decide whether to stay at a given site or move on.  Responsive design concepts enable business owners to tailor their company message  to multiple targets.

We understand that your web presence plays a major part in connecting with your prospective audience.  We are experts in integrating responsive design techniques.  Ensure your website looks beautiful and functions seamlessly on all devices.  For more information about our web design services, please contact us.

What Your Mom Never Told You About Snapchat

What Your Mom Never Told You About Snapchat

So, you want to know more about Snapchat? At the foundation of this popular mobile app is the ability to send pictures and videos that will self destruct just seconds after they are viewed. But there is so much more!

Who Uses Snapchat?

Snapchat is directed toward teens and young adults, but everyone is snapping. Statistics show that there are over 100 million daily active users, differently to other sites or services directed exclusively to an older audience, like adult services as Escorts in Manchester that you can find in certain sites online.

How Does Snapchat Work?

Using this fun app is super easy. Just open it up and you’ll see that the main screen is your camera view. Are you ready to snap? Tap the camera button, that big round thing on the bottom of the screen, to take a picture. Hold the button to create a video. Once you’ve done this, you can preview your snap. If you aren’t happy with it, tap the X icon to go back to the camera. Want to customize your snap? Tap the pencil in the top right corner. Do you want to change the look of your snap? Slide from left or right and add filters based on the time, temperature, your location, and more.

Now for another fun feature, Lenses. When taking a selfie, press and hold your face. This allows you to change your expression and apply various fun effects to your face.

Once you are ready to share your snap with friends, tap the arrow icon on the bottom right. A new screen will open so you can decide who you want to share with. Make your selection and tap the second arrow icon and your snap will be on its way.

Check out the square icon on the bottom left-hand corner of your main screen. That shows how many unread snaps you have. Simply swipe from left to read your snaps, send friends direct messages, or search.

On the opposite corner there is another icon. This shows you how many stories you have. Simply swipe from right to view them. You can also swipe to find content from your favorite publisher.

Are you ready to start playing with Snapchat? Why not use this fun app to connect with friends, family, and clients or customers. They’ll love it! Have questions? Contact Us!