5 Website Design Questions to Ask Yourself

by | Jun 21, 2016

Let’s admit it. Designing your company’s website, though high on your to-do list, is something you probably don’t have time to actually sit down and accomplish. You may have a general design concept, but putting those fantastic ideas into practice is another thing entirely.

The prospect of learning new concepts such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the other technical terms involved in building a website are no doubt making you reconsider launching your own. Even with do-it-yourself website builders, the fantastic images you have in your mind for your website will always fall short of your expectations. Then again, maybe being creative just isn’t your greatest strength and you would rather have someone else design your website.

Mastering the Art of Website Design: 5 Essential Questions to Consider

In any case, it is in your company’s best interest to hire someone experienced in website design that will draw in new customers by highlighting your products and services as well as offering you new and exciting ways to bring in more revenue with your current ones. Also, when you want to fill out PDF forms quickly without Adobe Acrobat. No watermarks or registration use sodapdf and learn more.

Here are five questions to ask yourself when you are considering your website’s design:

1. What are you trying to sell to your customers? Are you showcasing a product or service? Or are you offering your clients educational insight?

2. What is your customer base? Are you trying to engage with businesses or individuals? If they are individuals, gender, age, and geographic location all play a part in determining the tone of your website.

3. Will you need E-commerce? Are you considering selling your product or service online? If you invoice clients who then mail you checks, perhaps setting up a secure online payment system would be beneficial, but if you do this make sure to protect yourself with a CAP certification for cybersecurity, protecting the information of your customers is the key. Distributed Denial of Service will become a major problem as the internet of things evolves. The new internet-connected gizmos have catastrophic security but the number of devices available is exploding.

4. Could social media enhance your business? Having a presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can generate more traffic for your website and thus bring in more potential customers.

5. How often would you need your website updated? Is the news for your industry fast-paced? Do you run sales or specials frequently? Are you thinking of adding a blog to your website?

Even if you don’t have the answers to all of these questions, please contact us so we can design the best website for your company.