Responsive Design and Why You Need to Update Your Website

Responsive Design and Why You Need to Update Your Website

Odds are that your company has a website.  Nearly every business these days does. But when was your website designed?   If it was several years ago or even just a couple of years ago, then it is probably time to update it.  Why? Because today’s websites are more interactive and engaging than ever before.  They are sleek, modern and eye-catching. They are also responsive.

What is a responsive website?  To a web designer, it is a site that consists of flexible grids, layouts, images, and CSS media queries.  To a business owner, it is a website that looks great on all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Old-school websites – ones that are not responsive – are frustrating for users.  The last thing that you want is a website that visitors find hard to use and easy to leave.  This is why you need to update your website.

So why does a responsive site improve the user experience?  Primarily because this is the age of the mobile web.  According to StatCounter, smartphone and tablet internet usage have now taken over desktop usage.  This means that your website has to render well on a small screen.

On smartphones, in particular, non-responsive websites have a habit of extending beyond the screen, making users “pinch and scroll” to read the content.  The text is often too small, and the site navigation is difficult.  This kind of frustrating experience is exactly what makes visitors abandon a site.  Many will not return.

A responsive website solves this problem by eliminating the need to “pinch and scroll.”  Content, including photos and videos, fits on the screen.  The text is larger and easy to read.  Links are easy to find and make site navigation a breeze. Visitors complete purchases, fill in forms and perform other desired actions quickly and easily.  This is the difference that a responsive website makes.

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Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page

Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page

Your landing page is really important. If done correctly, your customers will quickly buy your products. If not, they will move on, without thinking about it too much.

So, how can you create an effective landing page? Here are some tips to help.

Your landing page needs to be clean and organized. Cluttered pages can be overwhelming for visitors. Many click away and find another website.

It also needs to be mobile-friendly. More people are viewing websites on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Because of this, your landing page needs to work on mobile devices.

It also has to have a clear call-to-action or your customers won’t know what is expected of them. If you want your visitors to do something, they need to know that. If you want them to sign up for your e-mail list, have a clear sign-up button. If you want them to buy, promote the product on your landing page. No matter what you want them to do, if they don’t know what it is, they can’t do it.

You may also want to have several landing pages, depending on where your visitors are coming from. Many business owners promote their website and products in many locations. They might have a different landing page for each product that they sell, as well as one for people who they find through social media and ones from their e-mail list. The more landing pages that you make, the more catered they will be, leading to more sales.

Don’t forget to test a page. You should always test your landing page. If you notice that it is not getting the action that you were hoping for, it is time to make some changes. If that doesn’t do it either, revise it again and again until you see the results that you want.

It is important to make the best landing page that you can. If not, your viewers will move on. For this reason, you need to make it clean with a call-to-action. Don’t forget to test your pages until you find one that gets the results that you deserve!

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Three Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is Critical

Three Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is Critical

More web traffic than ever now comes from mobile users. Not only are more website visits coming from mobile devices, but users are also spending nearly as much time per visit from mobile as they do from desktops. As a business owner, this means your website simply must be mobile-optimized if you want the most effective online presence (which, of course, you do). Not convinced? Here are three of the key benefits of optimizing your website.

Websites that are mobile-optimized convert more users.

First and most importantly, the simple fact is that mobile-optimized websites increase the number of visitors who become clients. Websites that implement features designed for mobile users, such as one-touch payment or simplified registration forms, convert more users on average. Just having a website that works at smaller sizes isn’t enough. If your website doesn’t specifically address common difficulties faced by mobile users, you may be missing out on paying customers.

Users are much more likely to stay on optimized websites.

There’s a reason that Google prioritizes your website in searches if it’s mobile friendly: users are much more likely to stay on it. Some numbers suggest that a user is five times more likely to leave a website if it is not mobile-friendly. Making tweaks to speed up loading times and make your content shine on phones is essential. If you don’t, many won’t even give your company a chance.

Mobile-optimized websites look more professional.

With so many visits coming from mobile users, a clean and usable mobile website can make a strong, lasting impression on potential clients. Nobody likes having to zoom or scroll awkwardly to find information on their phones, and websites with these problems can look amateurish. Even seemingly small issues, like links that are hard to tap, can turn users off to your brand.

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What Is a Brand Refresh? When Is it Time?

What Is a Brand Refresh? When Is it Time?

Over time, every market and industry will evolve and change. In order to maintain success, it is important for your brand to keep up with and accommodate to these developments. If your business has used the same branding for years, you will likely profit enormously from a brand refresh. While it may seem like a daunting task, the process will improve and build brand awareness and provide you with a competitive edge. Moreover, it focuses the mind and addresses branding elements that may have been overlooked for years. Would that be of benefit to your company?

The basic rules and governing principles of branding are swiftly changing and growing. Millennials, influencer marketing, social media, and thought-leadership are just a few of the numerous new elements that are forcing companies to approach branding differently. It has become very difficult to build and maintain customer trust and brand loyalty, and positive customer relationships are challenging. Companies are vigorously competing for your customer’s attention. In order to understand this, all you need to do is look at your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. There is a constant barrage of extremely focused and targeted advertising based on a person’s demographics, interests, and internet usage.

Branding, refreshing, and rebranding are essential and powerful functions that can create success or failure. While at first look each seems similar, there are significant differences. While they originate from the same discipline, the difference between a rebrand and a refresh can be described similarly to demolishing and rebuilding a building versus a simple remodeling project. Does that make sense? It comes down to understanding your needs and accurately diagnosing issues. Do you need to start over from scratch or just modernize and revamp your existing identity?

In a brand refresh, your company’s mission and philosophy are essentially right. The issue is your customers have just not perceived it in the completely right way or have stopped noticing you. The need is to find a way to better articulate your message with an updated and revamped strategy. Therefore, a brand refresh is best for companies and organizations is widely recognized, but needs improvement without losing their strong identity.

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What Should You Do With Negative Reviews?

What Should You Do With Negative Reviews?

The truth is that you can’t please everyone. Nobody can. What works for one person doesn’t for someone else.

Though this is hard to hear, it is important that you listen. No matter how good your work is, not everyone is going to be happy with it. You are going to get some negative reviews for your business simply because of that simple fact.

So, what should you do with your negative reviews?

Always remember that more people like to complain than leave glowing reviews. This means that you are more likely to get reviews where people are negative than good ones. You can’t take all of them to heart.

However, if you need to make some changes, do so. There are times when you might not realize that you are making certain mistakes until they are pointed out. If your review makes you think that you need to make some changes, find better ways to do something.

Don’t be afraid to apologize. Most business owners leave a little note when they get any reviews. For negative reviews, they ask if they could get in contact with the person so that they can find out exactly what happened (and make the necessary changes).

If you made a mistake, you might want to make amends for that. Many small business owners give coupons and discounts for people to give them another shot (and maybe change their review).

Though you might feel like it is the end of the world the day that you get a bad review, the truth is that people are more likely to leave bad reviews than glowing ones. People love to complain so they are quicker to leave negative reviews than positive ones.

However, you still need to read them. You might realize that you need to make some changes. If you need to apologize and make amends, don’t be afraid too. You might even change your customers’ minds (and their reviews)!

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