Using Video to Engage Customers

by | Sep 21, 2019

In business, you’re always seeking new and interesting ways to engage customers. Audio/visual equip is widely and successfully used offline. Adding video online to your website design is one key way to keep people interested and coming back. In fact, incorporating various live action clips can benefit almost any business — large or small.

Mastering Video Marketing: Crafting Compelling Video Content for Customer Engagement

Tech Companies

By using videos from a video production company sydney, tech companies can offer tips to users of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. Instead of simply telling visitors in writing how to do something, seeing the actual screens and the movement between commands will make it easier for people to understand and follow. You can also make event videos by Dream Engine and make your events a grand success.

Repair Companies

Whether home repair, auto repair, or a handyman service that covers everything, video can help such companies feature how-to demonstrations or offer quick-fix options. Every do-it-yourself man and woman will flock to such a website to watch these videos and to take advantage of specialized services for repairs that prove too complex and need a professional, so if you find for example a roofing company, you can navigate to this website to find exactly the repairs you need to do.


Dancers, singers, authors — actually anyone in an artistic field — will benefit from using video to promote themselves and their brand. From specialized dance videos to music videos to movie-like trailers of books, artists can effectively showcase their products and talents to increase their fan base and sales.

Shopping Companies

Regardless of one’s line of merchandise, a gram corporate video is the perfect way to show off available stock and how to use specific products. Actually seeing the color, the dimensions, and demonstrations of how certain featured items work will help to sell them and will keep customers coming back for more.

The possibilities for businesses are endless. For more ideas on how to incorporate video into your website, contact us at Designs by Dave O. Our dedicated, in-house specialists will help you execute a digital design strategy for a successful future.