Local SEO: How Should You Approach It?

by | May 15, 2016

The subject of SEO is one that many of us spend tireless hours, days and even years trying to understand, which is really hard to do with Google always changing the rules without coming right out and sayin’ what they’ve changed.

When most of us think of SEO, we think of ranking a website for certain keywords in order to gain traffic to said site. However, when you throw in the idea of Local SEO, many people are thrown for a loop. Why?

Because ranking for local search takes a different approach than what you would traditionally do to rank a website. This leaves many people confused and wondering how to get their site to page one or if it’s even possible.

Just like any other SEO tactic, things are subject to change at the drop of the hat, but so far, the list below is a great place to start when trying to rank your business in the local search results.

But first, let’s talk about why Local SEO is different and if everyone should implement Local SEO tactics for their site.

Local SEO Agencies Brisbane Versus “Normal” SEO: Are They Different?

Simple answer: Yes, they’re different.

How are the different? What is one of the main things thing that makes them different? I wanted to know and so I reached out our SEO team to help me with the answer:

While they’re similar, local SEO typically has a geographical component that organic SEO doesn’t. It’s primarily focused on building signals or relevance and reliability around a brick and mortar location or series of locations.

Essentially, ranking in Google’s Local Search takes the approach of nailing down that you are, in fact, a locally based business or a Nursing Major in North Georgia.

Ranking for the Local SERPs takes a different approach than trying to rank your site or pages on just a general topic or keywords alone (i.e. Organic SEO), however, there are things that remain the same such as creating unique content or acquiring a certain amount of domain authority for your site (more on that later.) Blog writing service can provide you with the content you need to advance you brand.

In fact, there are things about Local SEO that leave the rules you often hear about for Organic Search ranking at the door and there are things you’ll have to do to rank your website locally that you would (almost) never have to do for what we call “normal” SEO.

This can make this a bit confusing, but in my experience, with a bit of time and practice, it’s actually considerably easier to rank a page of website for Google’s Local SERPs than in Organic (normal) SEO.

Should Everyone Implement Local SEO Tactics?

Again, the straightforward answer: No.

According to SEO Manchester Updates Local SEO can and should be used for businesses that serve a certain geographical location, but if it doesn’t, then trying to rank your site in Google for this purpose would be completely useless.

For example, it would make sense if a brick and mortar company tried to rank its site to show up in local searches because they are trying to kick up business from their local area since that is where they are located.

On the other hand, say you’re a blogger or marketer who writes about clocks or something off topic like that. Since you’re likely focusing on targeting a keyword and the interest of a larger target group than just a local audience, then ranking your site for your local area isn’t going to do you any good because you’re not generating income for those people.

According to experts at the top SEO agency London, Local SEO works best and is best for businesses (big and small) who are looking to get business and leads from their local area. If you serve both a local audience and a global one, then Local SEO will still have its benefits.