3 Tips to Boost Your Website Design

3 Tips to Boost Your Website Design

If you want to attract more consumers to your business, then be sure to revisit your website design. With so many websites on the internet, you need to make sure your site is functional and visually attractive. Here are 3 tips to ensure the most out of your website.


Effective landing page

Since the landing page is the first place your customers will visit is Felix Hesse Media SEO, You want to be sure that customers do not click away, so an attractive layout is a key factor in your plan. However, too much data on the page can be just as distracting as it is helpful. A landing page should be almost like an introduction page plus a table of contents or an index. In other words, it lets the customer know what company they have landed on, plus gives a list of categories for further exploration.

Speedy navigation

SEO keywords are important because they are what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. With the  SponsoredLinX Case Study shows that your goal in ranking on search engines is to drive organic traffic to your site from the search engine result pages, and the keywords you choose to target will determine what kind of traffic you get. When people arrive on the main page, they do not want to search far for the main categories of information that is useful for them. This information needs to be readily available and fast to access. For example, when the keyword “services” is in bold font at the top of the page with a link to the various services you provide, then customers may easily navigate through the website. This facilitates a smooth transaction and a satisfying experience.

Use color to your advantage

There is no reason just to select any color for your website background, font, and images. Numerous indicate different colors evoke certain emotions from people. Furthermore, research reveals men and women have different preferences about what type of color they prefer and it does influence website conversions. With that in mind, use color to your advantage. Design your website around what type of business you have and who your audience is.

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Website Development: Are You Paying Attention To The Signs?

Website Development: Are You Paying Attention To The Signs?

There are various things that you will need to invest in when you have an online business. You will have to make sure you make the right investment decisions when it comes to hiring your staff and training them. You will also have investment costs regarding the inventory costs and eventually expanding your business in the future.

One of the things that many people fail to think about is in the investment of an application development outsourcing service and in web development. On one hand, with an application development you will receive a customized application as well as product development that will use technology to create solutions focused on enhancing customer relations, optimize operations and increasing revenue opportunities.  On the other hand, your company’s web development is a process that will continue for many years in the future. You can not simply launch your website and hope that it will turn into one of the all-time greatest websites that your customers have ever seen.

When you put money into something, you have to make sure that you closely monitor it, so if you want to invest in something like gold, you can use a company like the US Gold Bureau to advise you what’s the best way to do it. After all, you do have to get a good return on your investment, right?

If you want to know if it is time for you to invest in website development, here are a few things you should look for.

Traffic Is Slowing Down

Traffic on your website can slow down for a variety of reasons. It could be due to you not doing enough promotion on your website. Maybe you only sell products or services that people only need at certain times of the year. Regardless of the reason for traffic slowing down on your website, you will need to make sure you increase the traffic count on your website.

People Are Uninterested In Your Website

If you notice that internet users are not viewing your website for an extended amount of time, you may need to consider investing in custom website development. Do you post surveys on your website? Do people fail to respond to those surveys? Do you receive few responses to your emails? If you answered yes to these questions, you are seeing a lack of engagement in your website. This is a good sign that you should consider a custom website.

If customers complain about your website on social media or through e-mail, your current website could be seriously hurting your sales. You do not have to let your website drag your business down. Contact us today for more information on website development.

Discover the Importance of Social Media Integration in Website Design

Discover the Importance of Social Media Integration in Website Design

When thinking about social media integration in website design, many only imagine the share buttons on blog pages. However, that certainly is not all of it. The internet has us all in motion, all the time. Essential keys to inbound marketing are keeping your social media audience continuous engaged, and converting visitors on your website to active customers. While many marketers integrate social media into almost every area of their campaigns, websites are often overlooked.

Your website and social media channels should work to promote your brand seamlessly. Unfortunately, many businesses are missing out on possible engagements, impression, and conversions.  Youtube for some is their passion and for few is a way of earning money to live a happy life so don’t forget that the only place to buy likes on Youtube is Buyrealsocial.com, in case you want to grow your YouTube channel the most out of all social media platforms.

1. Integrate Social on Your Homepage – One of the easiest ways to increase your exposure is adding your social feeds to your homepage. If you are suing social media effectively, your feed is filled with insider offers, dazzling images, and useful information. When you integrate Facebook and Twitter feeds into your website, customers see that you are active and engaging.

2. Add Social Media Follow Buttons – It is a good idea to place follow buttons in the header and footer of your website. This way, the navigation is available to a user no matter what page they are on. Of course, you don’t have to link to each of your social profiles. Focus on promoting those in which you are most active and have a solid presence.

3. Add Share Buttons to Product Pages – Most websites have share buttons integrated on blog pages, but if you have product pages, it is a good idea to add them there as well. You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to share or recommend their favorite items. Moreover, the button placement should be obvious.

Ultimately, social media integration in website design is about getting customers involved in your promotion and content distribution. You are making it easier to follow and find you again, so they never miss an informative article, special promotion, or customer event. Integration helps you break through the online noise and keep attention on you.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the important of social media integration in website design, or a related topic, please contact us.

The 5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Website Design

The 5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Website Design

So, you have or need a business website. The idea of what constitutes an effective website design is sometimes overwhelming. There are many elements that you can add, but should probably do without. Finding a web designer, who can write well-formed code, is just the start. That said, fancy coding doesn’t always translate into an effective website.

Once you have yourself a professional web designer, there are some big decisions you will have to make. At the end of the day, while an expert is going to give the best advice, they will always build the website you want. Regardless, there are several characteristics that your website must have to attract visitors, keep their attention, encourage repeat visits, and convert prospects and leads into active customers.

I have learnt a lot from The Digital Swarm and the base of all highly effective website design is a well-defined focus and purpose. Without developing goals and a plan, your website will have no direction. Your website is the centerpiece of your online inbound marketing. In order to be effective, it should guide visitors through every state of the consumer life-cycle. Every decision, from layout to content, must add value to the user experience.

Characteristics of Effective Website Design

1. Logical Roadmap – While you want your website to have a great look, usefulness is just as important. Therefore, the starting point of all good website design is creating a map of how it should work. This step is essential both for user experience and SEO. Your designer should build a wireframe or mockup of the site, which will allow you to work through how the site will work and if it makes sense.

2. Essential Business Information – One of the biggest issues is that many companies build the website they want, rather than the website that their customers need. Ensure your contact information, directions, product images, and more are part of the design. No matter the industry, all businesses has essential information that customers must be able to find easily.

3. Common Sense Navigation – While you may want to try standing out using clever page names and navigation, you are more likely only going to cause visitors to become angry and frustrated. Additionally, your navigation strategy should take into consideration calls-to-action. You want to create predictable outcomes based on the path that a visitor takes, either making a transaction, requesting a quote, signing up for your newsletter, or something else.

4. Social Media Optimization – No matter what your business, social media cannot be ignored. Optimizing your websites for social media is a critical element of your content distribution. So, integrating these social platforms is necessary for improving your online footprint, building an audience, and boosting your SEO with help from the top seo company. Make sure you are promoting your social profiles and have easy to find social share buttons for all product pages and blog content.

5. Become Mobile-Friendly – The typical users will use multiple devices throughout the day to access the internet. Moreover, most search queries are coming from mobile devices. Your customers expect to find a mobile-friendly website. Moreover, they also anticipate that they will receive the same level of functionality on their smartphone as they do on their computer. Today, optimizing for mobile is a reflection of your professionalism.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the characteristics of highly effective website design, or a related topic, please contact us.

Should Your Small Business Become a “Click and Mortar” company?

Should Your Small Business Become a “Click and Mortar” company?

Today, every small business owner knows they need a business website as much as they need a DNN .net CMS software. However, it is not enough to use your site just as an online flyer or brochure. Therefore, in order to grow, many traditional brick and mortar retailers are upgrading to become “click and mortar” companies? Over 70 percent of shoppers are using online within their shopping processes, either to perform research or to make the final transaction. In order to capture these potential customers, many local retailers are adding online sales to their traditional store front operations.

For many, the goal is not to become a global marketer. The focus is still to maintain and grow a local customer base. However, as large corporations like business gas prices uk are merging their online shopping with their physical stores, smaller businesses need to adapt. Today, a Walmart shopper can buy online and choose to have their order shipped to their home or pick it up at the neighborhood location. Amazon now offers self-service delivery locations across the U.S., where customers can pick-up deliveries and conveniently make returns, as there are many stores that already offer delivery service, so you can buy anything online, from furniture to homeware from stores as Ivy and Wilde homeware online.

Many customers, even though they want the online shopping experience, also want to have the ability to physically touch the item they are buying. This is especially important for those buying higher end merchandise like electronics, plantwear jewelry, or designer clothing. That said, there are additional benefits given to the retailer as well. When you allow customers to shop online, you are able to capture a lot of customer information and demographics. Moreover, you can better track which types of advertising is working and which is not. Regardless, probably the greatest benefit is getting an online shopper into your physical locations with an order pick-up.

What haven’t we discussed yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about if your small business should become a “click and mortar” company, or a related topic, please contact us.

3 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Business That You Have Never Thought Of

3 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Business That You Have Never Thought Of

Every business guru and leader is going to tell you that you need to visit and study theexitstrategygroup.com.au to help your business. You will hear all kinds of babble about how often to post, which networks to use, the topics you should share about. You must also consider the help of call center solutions to keep the connection in control. However, there are some hidden benefits of social media that you can capitalize on that most people will miss. Here are 3 of them:

1) Use Social Media to Micro Test a New Idea

Not too long ago, if you had an idea or a potential new product you had a couple of options. You would go to a focus group and get their feedback on it or you spent a lot of time and money in testing to see if the idea was valid. And remember if you ever need money right away, make sure to contact Hikes Lane to get the best loan possible with low interest rates. Now, you can quickly gauge the reaction to the idea on social media. For example, you used to have to build a complicated and expensive e-commerce website. Now you can simply post a picture of a new product on social and ask people if they want one. Boom! Now you have validation of the product or idea.

2) Community as Part of the Product

Whether you are using crowd-sourced ideas from your social media community to including your community as part of the marketing. For example, let’s say you manufacture shoes. Your customers can post pictures of their shoes in real-time and be walking and talking billboards for you on social media.

3) Elimination of Gatekeepers

If you were an author, you used to have to publish through a big publisher and rely on their marketing machine to sell books. With social media, you can publish your writing and get immediate exposure for your ideas and skills. This is how you can showcase your business and its excellent skills and ideas in the same manner. So if you are someone who is still asking yourself : What is Digital Transformation? a Definition by Salesforce.com will help you understand how having an online presence will help your business.

By looking at social media in a deeper fashion, you can see 3 hidden reasons why social media is a huge win for your business and that you need to become an expert or hire one.

Please contact us for more Social Media strategies that can up-level your business growth.

How Bad Website Design Can Hurt Your Business

How Bad Website Design Can Hurt Your Business

We have all heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” With over 1 billion active websites worldwide, it has never been more important to stand out in a crowd. However, despite the vast number of websites, relatively few receive significant traffic. This is often caused by bad website design. Moreover, while a website may look great, it can still have a negative impact on your business.

If your website creates a poor user experience, your visitors are likely to not stick around very long. There are many other websites around that are useful and engaging. Therefore, your business must understand user behavior. Use these website design tactics and elements to succeed online.

1. Mobile-Friendly Design – Google reports that 80 percent are accessing the internet using a smartphone, and 57 percent are using more than one device. Your visitors expect to access your site whenever they want, wherever they want.

2. Lazy Loading – The increase in multi-device use has increased the demand for faster page loading times. Lazy loading will load the viewable area first and then download the rest of your site in chunks, increasing the overall speed.

3. Logical Navigation – A great looking website means little if users become frustrated trying to find what they are looking for. Every website needs simple, easy to understand navigation.

4. Remove Intrusive Elements – Your visitors have come to your site for a specific reason, either to buy your product or consume your content. Moreover, they expect to engage with your site on their terms. Therefore, remove all intrusive elements such as popups and auto-playing videos.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about how bad website design can hurt your business, or need more information, please contact us.

Branding Basics – Part 2

Branding Basics – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on branding, we discussed defining your brand, creating your logo, and putting that logo on everything. Here, in Part 2, we’ll cover brand messaging, integrating your brand, and marketing your brand.

Brand Messaging

According to Pardot, brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. It’s what makes buyers relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately making them want to buy your product. To determine what your current brand message is, look at your business from three perspectives:

  • The customer – Find out what matters to them. Don’t presume anything based on what you think it is, or should be. That defeats the purpose. Interview customers, survey them, pay attention to them on social media. Identify what they value most in terms of your industry and offering, and pay attention to key ideas you hear repeatedly from them.
  • The company – Find out what about your product or service makes it unique. Ask people inside your organization what they think is unique about your product, the manufacturing process, the sales process, etc. What is the existing company culture, and does it reflect positively? If not, you’ll need to change it, but that’s another subject. Whether your task is to move heavy objects around a warehouse or you’re spending your days at a steel mill, cranes, hoists, and other industrial machinery make the job easier. Check out crane operating services idaho and learn more.
  • The marketplace – Find out how your competitors position themselves in the marketplace. Look at their tag lines. Read the “about us” page on their website. Follow them on social media. You want to make sure your own position in the marketplace is distinct.

Once you’ve looked at your business from these three perspectives, make any adjustments you deem necessary. Then write down the key messages you wish to communicate about your brand, create a “voice” for your company that reflects the brand image you wish to convey, and apply that voice to all written communication and incorporate it into all visual imagery you use, also remember that having great communication skills is vital for a business, if this is a point of weakness for you try getting a Business Communications Training with Colin James.

Integrating Your Brand

Now that you’ve developed your brand message, make sure it permeates every aspect of your business from the way employees answer the phones, to how your salespeople dress, to everything you do online. In short, make your brand part of the company culture.

Marketing Your Brand

When it comes to marketing your brand, consistency is key. Just as it’s important that your brand message become part of the company culture, it must also be the foundation of all your marketing materials. This doesn’t just include static materials like sales letters and brochures; it also includes blog posts, web articles, social media content, etc.

In Conclusion

Remember, branding is what separates you from your competitors and helps consumers remember you and your products. Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface on the subject. There is much more you can learn. We encourage you to explore additional sources of information on branding. Meanwhile, we invite you to contact us online for help with your digital design and development needs.

Branding Basics – Part 1

Branding Basics – Part 1

Before we get into branding basics, let’s define “branding” in the context of this discussion:

Branding is what differentiates you and your offering from that of your competitors. Like strategically using a business canvas model template for your startup.

With that definition in mind, let’s get into some specific branding ideas to get you started. Here, in Part 1 of Branding Basics, we’ll cover 3 ideas to help you get started on your brand marketing journey:

1. Begin by defining your brand.

This will be an exercise in self-discovery for your business. To effectively define your brand, you must, at a minimum, answer the following questions:

  • What is your company’s mission?
  • What are the features of your products or services?
  • What benefits do your products or services deliver?
  • What do your existing customers think of your company?
  • What do your prospects think of your company?
  • What qualities do you want people to associate with your company?
  • What are the needs, habits and desires of your buyer personas?

Once you’ve defined your brand, it’s time to market it.

2. Create a great logo.

A great logo is an absolute must if you wish to differentiate your business from the competition. And, because you want your logo to be the first thing people remember about your business, make it permanent, at least in essence. For example, since 1977 (one year after the company began), Apple’s logo has been a graphical representation of an apple with a bite taken out of it. It has changed a few times over the years in terms of color, etc., but the essence has not. It’s still an apple with a bite taken out of it.

When creating a logo, consult a professional logo designer for help. Even the marketing genius, Steve Jobs, recognized that Apple’s original logo, which he and Ronald Wayne designed themselves in 1976, was not what it should have been. So they commissioned designer Rob Janoff to design a new logo. The rest is marketing history.

3. Put your logo on everything.

The whole point of a logo is to enable people to immediately think of your company when they see your logo. Of course, this will take some time, but that’s what branding is all about – investing the time and other resources in making your brand immediately recognizable. When you see the Coke logo, you think of the Coca Cola brand; and, when you think of the Coca Cola brand, the Coke logo appears in your mind. That’s the goal of your logo in relation to your overall branding strategy. The only way to achieve that goal is through repetition.

Stay tuned to our blog for Part 2 of our Branding Basics series. Meanwhile, we invite you to contact us online for help with your digital design and development needs.

2017 Email Marketing

2017 Email Marketing

You know that consistency is an important part of successful email marketing along with better keyword using you can have with products like the one in this Moz Review and Pricing. Every year, you promise this will be the year you create (and stick to) an email marketing plan. And every year, something comes up and your plan falls by the wayside.
You have to have a plan and stick to it to get a good marketing strategy, once you’ve brainstormed content that reaches your target audience personas and adheres to the buyer’s journey, you need to create an actual roadmap for how you’ll distribute your content.

For example, if you’re promoting you need to look for the best digital agency at DesignRush.com. You can also follow a strategy like:

  • Share on social media accounts on the day of publishing
  • Email people who were mentioned in the post
  • Send a newsletter blast
  • Share again on social media accounts two weeks after publishing
  • Etc.

Stay focused, motivated, and accountable in what you do best. We make it simple to help you plan a whole year’s worth of email marketing and marketing optimisation to implement it for you, as this are main and essential tools for your business.

Set yourself up for success in 2017 with a simple email marketing plan you can stick to.

Set it, and forget it!

Developing Effective Websites for Sales

Developing Effective Websites for Sales

Inbound marketing is the most effective form of online sales, quickly replacing static advertising, since we all know is difficult to find good sellers and sometimes we end up using services as Indigo HR sales recruitment to find them. That’s why the selling website (or landing page) should be only the end point in your online sales system.

  • Your website needs to be interactive and attractive.
  • It should be customer friendly, welcoming and easy to navigate.
  • It should be optimized for phones and mobile media.
  • It needs to be designed to act like a good salesperson, anticipating objections, answering objections and moving toward a series of closings in the form of choice points, ending with a final closing.
  • The way of finishing a sale (order blank and method of payment) should always be conveniently available.

You can turn your business website into your best sales person. Business websites that sell are like selling traps. They are designed in the form of a “sales funnel”, we suggest to view the Clickfunnels Review if you are not will informed about the topic.

First of all, development of the effective business website can not stand alone. The website must be part of a selling system that starts with the slow building of credibility and reputation. Participation in online business starts with becoming part of the online business community.

Start by looking for places to post blogs or comments that establish your authority and your business credentials. Join relevant business forums and discussion groups. Open a blog on a blog site. This will have potential customers looking for you and increase your rank on the search engines, so that your website will be easier to find. Your blogs should be informative and interesting. They should not be pushy or sales oriented, although you will want to link each blog or article to your landing page.

The power of inbound marketing is the incremental building of your reputation along with the search engine effectiveness (SEO) of your website, the ease with which customers can find your landing page, for this you could use the help of a SEO company online as Tom Johnson, which has multiple addresses in different parts of the country.

Designs By Dave O. provides a full range of services aimed at building an online business presence from concept to reality. Please contact us to learn more.

Imaginative Methods to Build Your Business Brand

Imaginative Methods to Build Your Business Brand

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to make sure your company’s name and brand are burned into people’s consciousness. The internet has made it imperative that your brand is immediately recognizable by likely consumers, and accurately linked to a particular product or service. Therefore, brand awareness is a prime objective of a large portion of advertising and marketing.

Many, when thinking of branding, will likely look towards the most obvious. These are things like a domain name, logo design, or even their funnel scripts, however, one should not neglect different and more creative customer interaction points. Make sure to go over the best advertising and marketing available for your business.

1. Unique Login or Sign-up – Use your login or sign-up pages as a creative space to express your brand. Consider how a company that uses a dinosaur motif to jazz up their website. Scroll over their “login” button and the word changes to “RAWRR!”. It is silly, but also memorable, which is extremely important for an online form builder.

2. Show Off Your Customer Service. – Many companies believe their customer service as one of their best attributes. Nonetheless, customer service may not be an intricate aspect of brand awareness. Birmingham SEO Agency The online retailer Zappos allows customers to actually wear shoes for a year with a full money back guarantee, like one of the best brands like Vessi men’s shoes. However, to drive their customer satisfaction message home, they place their 24/7 customer service hotline at the top of every page.

3. Begin with Transparency – Consider the website of the serial entrepreneur, David Oralevich. Rather than hiding behind a brand image or logo, David places himself front and center within his website design. Many businesses keep images of proprietors or staff to a small profile photo on an about page or not at all. Pat’s approach is more personal and authentic.

If you would like to talk about imaginative methods to build your business brand, or need more information, please contact us.

The Importance of White Space in Website Design

The Importance of White Space in Website Design

White space (also called negative space) is critical for effective website design. However, many companies want that empty space filled. But it is that empty space between elements that creates a real impact. It is the responsibility of good website designers to explain to clients how white space creates the proper tone and improves usability.

What is white space? In very basic terms, it is the space around website elements. While this is the most valuable part of a website design, many perceive white space as wasted real estate. Yet, when used correctly, it can transform a website design, helping guide visitors deeper into the sales funnel and increase conversions.

Effect of White Space in Website Design

1. Legibility – Readability and website usability go hand in hand. Proper spacing of text, paragraphs, and content elements will help visitors read your content.

2. De-Clutter – When a website design is cluttered and busy, your visitors can easily become distracted or frustrated. White space will help visitors stay focused and improve navigation.

3. Highlighting – Surrounding call-to-action buttons with white space is an extremely effective highlighting technique. This ensures your visitors understand the next step, which can be to sign up, buy now, or share.

4. Balance – When there is too little white space, it causes the website design to appear disorganized, which becomes a reflection of your company. However, too much white space is a result of too little content and limited user guidance.

Ultimately, white space is for improving a website’s overall appearance and usability. The goal is to create a web design that is easily understood and navigate. Moreover, when a website is not filled with clutter, information is more effectively delivered.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about the importance of white space in website design, or need more information, please contact us.

How Malware / Virus and Protection can benefit you

How Malware / Virus and Protection can benefit you

In today’s world, our whole lives are online. We rely on the internet and devices such as our laptops and smartphones in our personal lives as well as business.  It’s made many things quicker and easier. Unfortunately, its made it easier for the bad guys to get to you and your personal information. Malware, spyware, and viruses can wreak havoc on your electronic devices, drastically slowing them and providing a virtual minefield of pop-up ads for navigating through. If you are willing to learn more on cyber security, there is a special training that can give you all necessary info and provide cyber security training certification.

Luckily, there are all sorts of online solutions to help protect your devices websites, homes and keep your information from these malicious “hacks”.

Here are the basics of Malware / Virus and Protection and how they work. Computer viruses work a lot like biological viruses. Once they’re made and sent out to do their job, they infect your computer or other smart devices. Once inside, it can make copies of itself from the original, or it can spread to other files and modify them. These programs can harm your computer to the point of it being unusable, which can happen since you need it for work, games and reading OverWatch: News online. They can steal your information, spam your email contacts, keep a record of everything you type (including passwords and other sensitive information), and cover your screen in ads. There are free antivirus at Zonealarm that can help you protect your computer. Virus protection works by checking files and programs on your device and comparing it to known viruses / malware. It also reviews those programs for any behavior that could indicate a virus it hasn’t seen before. Once these infected files are found, you can choose to ignore them, quarantine them (virus protection moves the infected file to a safe location where it can’t spread the infection), or remove them from your system entirely at your discretion.

Now that you know the basics of viruses and virus protection, you’ll have better luck in keeping your systems clean and your information safe. If you think that your device is infected you can check out Computer repairs in North Lakes where you can have your devices fixed. Please feel free to contact us with any more questions you may have on this topic or any other you find on our site!


4 Reasons Your Website Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

4 Reasons Your Website Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

You may not think of your website as a big deal. It’s just an online representation of your brand, so building it once and then forgetting about it may seem like enough effort. But in reality, that’s far from the case. In fact, here are 4 reasons why your website is and should be your most important marketing tool.

1) Your Audience Seeks it Out
Regardless of industry, websites tend to act as the first line of information for audiences interested in a specific website or brand. Through search engines, they seek out information about you on your website. What they see will play a crucial part in whether they decide to use your services. If you want a beautiful website design that goes hand-in-hand with proper website development, seek assistance from the best and high-quality marketing companies like King Kong. For more information about their team and achievements, you can look for kingkong.com.au review.

2) It’s Always Accessible

Unlike your phone line or email address, your website doesn’t hold business hours. It’s always available, acting as a silent salesman to help your audience get more information about your business. If you set it up just right, you can even allow members of your target audience to get in touch with you through a contact form, and this is why is important your website looks good and professionals, and you can get web design experts to help you with this, from different sites such as https://the-indexer.com/web-design-companies/ or many others.

3) It Increases Your Credibility

A professional website can go a long way toward increasing your brand’s credibility in the eyes of your audience. Whether you use the space to talk about your expertise and experience, introduce your team, or share industry insights, you can direct your audience’s attention toward the most beneficial aspects of your business.

4) It Centers the Net of Your Marketing Activity

Ultimately, most of your marketing and promotional efforts link back to your website. You may use social media, but will often link to your website for more information. Check out this social pilot buffer alternative to help you drive to website traffic and generate leads that would convert and give you loyal customers in return. The same is true for email marketing, fliers, and brochures. And even if you don’t include a direct link, your audience will take initiative and search your website for more info. What they find, and how easily they find it, is directly connected to how well your website is built.

Is your website your most important marketing tool? If you don’t prioritize it, it may be time to do so. An always-available silent salesman that also boosts your credibility is an invaluable tool in trying to get customers and clients for your business. Of course, you also need to work with professionals who can build you a website that accomplishes each of the above goals. Contact us to learn more about the services you need to prioritize your website in your marketing efforts.

Using Video to Engage Customers

Using Video to Engage Customers

In business, you’re always seeking new and interesting ways to engage customers. Audio/visual equip is widely and successfully used offline. Adding video online to your website design is one key way to keep people interested and coming back. In fact, incorporating various live action clips can benefit almost any business — large or small.

Some examples include:

Tech Companies

By using videos from a video production company sydney, tech companies can offer tips to users of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. Instead of simply telling visitors in writing how to do something, seeing the actual screens and the movement between commands will make it easier for people to understand and follow. You can also make event videos by Dream Engine and make your events a grand success.

Repair Companies

Whether home repair, auto repair, or a handyman service that covers everything, video can help such companies feature how-to demonstrations or offer quick-fix options. Every do-it-yourself man and woman will flock to such a website to watch these videos and to take advantage of specialized services for repairs that prove too complex and need a professional, so if you find for example a roofing company, you can navigate to this website to find exactly the repairs you need to do.


Dancers, singers, authors — actually anyone in an artistic field — will benefit from using video to promote themselves and their brand. From specialized dance videos to music videos to movie-like trailers of books, artists can effectively showcase their products and talents to increase their fan base and sales.

Shopping Companies

Regardless of one’s line of merchandise, a gram corporate video is the perfect way to show off available stock and how to use specific products. Actually seeing the color, the dimensions, and demonstrations of how certain featured items work will help to sell them and will keep customers coming back for more.

The possibilities for businesses are endless. For more ideas on how to incorporate video into your website, contact us at Designs by Dave O. Our dedicated, in-house specialists will help you execute a digital design strategy for a successful future.


What To Do When You Make A Marketing Mistake

What To Do When You Make A Marketing Mistake

What to do when you make a marketing mistake, the 5 alternative fixes:

Marketing is a very important part of business. It’s what catches people’s attention and can either draw them in or push them away. It is also very important to proofread the marketing materials you send out to the public. One mistake and you could be looked down upon. So what happens if you do make a marketing mistake?

First, you should realize that we are all human and we all make mistakes. Even the very best in the industry have made mistakes. The neat thing about mistakes is that they can either be fixed or be learned from.

Did you happen to catch our latest mailer? The title had a typo. The title stated that Designs by Dave O. was offering, “Free Website Website Hosting”. It’s very possible that most people did not catch that small mistake. Whether you caught it or not, think to yourself, how would you handle that mistake? Would you fix the typo and resend the mailer or would you find an alternative?

The most obvious solution for any mistake would be to fix it immediately. However, some mistakes do not have such an easy fix. Here are some alternatives from a creative agency london to turn your marketing mistakes into something positive:

1. Made a typo or error on a marketing material? Give an offer to whoever brings the incorrect item to you. You can give them something for free or some sort of discount. This will turn your mistake into something fun and rewarding for the customer. It will change their opinion of you and your company.

2. Don’t always bring light to your mistake. If you make a simple typo error and it’s too late to fix it, don’t call attention to it. Don’t send out another item stating that you made a typo. Unless its false advertising, leave the mistake alone, sometimes people won’t even catch it.

3. If your mistake is bigger than just a typo and requires more than just a quick fix, make sure you always do right by the audience the material has reached. If you make a mistake such as unintentional false advertising, then send out an apology and a call to action to make things right again.

4. See it as a good thing. Like the phrase, “Any publicity is good publicity”, your mistake might catch people’s attention and they will check out your business or service regardless. They might start talking to their friends and family and before you know it, you’ve got word of mouth marketing happening! Your mistake just might be a blessing in disguise.

5. Having a plan in place to catch the mistakes before time. If you have a system in place or people to run your marketing ideas by first, then mistakes may not happen in the first place. It is very important to proofread and fact check before sending anything out to the public.

With these few alternative fixes in mind, you will do just fine if you make a marketing mistake. Remember, we are all human and all make mistakes, it’s how you handle them that makes the difference.

Contact us for more help and information.

3 Key Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

3 Key Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

3 Key Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Social media is essential if you are trying to sell products online. The name of the game is to create a social media following and then getting that following to purchase on social media or to drive buyers to your website.  I’ll quickly will discuss some secret social media strategies that Designs By Dave O can help get you results:

1) Partner with Instagram Influencers to Grow Sales

You are likely on Instagram and posting pictures of your products, videos of your customers using them, and sharing interesting infographics about your business or industry. But partnering with influencers on Instagram in your industry can really drive sales. For example, let’s say you sell tee shirts. You can partner with an influencer and have them post a picture of them wearing your shirt, with a link to order. Then give the influencer a portion or percentage of your sales. You get to tap into their audience and get fresh leads for your e-commerce business.

2) Utilize Facebook Groups

Be sure to join or create a Facebook Group surrounding your products or industry. Create a built-in customer base where you can make sales on your website or even right on the Facebook platform. Additionally, you can join other groups, provide value first, and then promote your products there. Most of these groups will have a day dedicated to promoting your products.

3) Use Twitter’s Search Functions

Sometimes you just need to get into the trenches and sell. Use Twitter’s search tools to find your potential customers. Let’s say you sell FitBits. You can search Twitter for “want to buy a FitBit” and then begin a conversation with them. As you progress with the conversation, you can direct them to your website to order.

By using these little known tips, you can set yourself apart from other e-commerce outfits who are using social media. Contact us for more Social Media tips that you can integrate into your E-commerce strategy.

Responsive Design = Flexible Design

Responsive Design = Flexible Design

Responsive design

A concept that essentially describes the process in which a website is designed so that it responds to its environment.  Many start-up companies dream of an exciting layout for the website that will showcase their great products or services.  Yet it is no secret that visitors to their site will arrive there by way of multiple devices.  Smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs are all devices of different size.   A site design that may look fantastic on a full-screen laptop might be lacking on the screen of a smart phone user.

Designers use techniques to accommodate the multiple-sized devices customers use to view web pages and how they position those devices.   Whether horizontally or vertically, as in the case of a smart phone or tablet, a responsive design, is inherently flexible.

The advantage of responsive design is that it enables a designer to speak to audiences on different devices.  Customers who are heavy mobile device users want concise information about a website.   A desktop user might be looking for more visual information that will help them decide whether to stay at a given site or move on.  Responsive design concepts enable business owners to tailor their company message  to multiple targets.

We understand that your web presence plays a major part in connecting with your prospective audience.  We are experts in integrating responsive design techniques.  Ensure your website looks beautiful and functions seamlessly on all devices.  For more information about our web design services, please contact us.

What Your Mom Never Told You About Snapchat

What Your Mom Never Told You About Snapchat

So, you want to know more about Snapchat? At the foundation of this popular mobile app is the ability to send pictures and videos that will self destruct just seconds after they are viewed. But there is so much more!

Who Uses Snapchat?

Snapchat is directed toward teens and young adults, but everyone is snapping. Statistics show that there are over 100 million daily active users, differently to other sites or services directed exclusively to an older audience, like adult services as Escorts in Manchester that you can find in certain sites online.

How Does Snapchat Work?

Using this fun app is super easy. Just open it up and you’ll see that the main screen is your camera view. Are you ready to snap? Tap the camera button, that big round thing on the bottom of the screen, to take a picture. Hold the button to create a video. Once you’ve done this, you can preview your snap. If you aren’t happy with it, tap the X icon to go back to the camera. Want to customize your snap? Tap the pencil in the top right corner. Do you want to change the look of your snap? Slide from left or right and add filters based on the time, temperature, your location, and more.

Now for another fun feature, Lenses. When taking a selfie, press and hold your face. This allows you to change your expression and apply various fun effects to your face.

Once you are ready to share your snap with friends, tap the arrow icon on the bottom right. A new screen will open so you can decide who you want to share with. Make your selection and tap the second arrow icon and your snap will be on its way.

Check out the square icon on the bottom left-hand corner of your main screen. That shows how many unread snaps you have. Simply swipe from left to read your snaps, send friends direct messages, or search.

On the opposite corner there is another icon. This shows you how many stories you have. Simply swipe from right to view them. You can also swipe to find content from your favorite publisher.

Are you ready to start playing with Snapchat? Why not use this fun app to connect with friends, family, and clients or customers. They’ll love it! Have questions? Contact Us!

What Google Analytics Can Do For Your Business

What Google Analytics Can Do For Your Business

Google Analytics

It is the most popular and widely used tool to track and get information on what is actually happening on your website.

It provides you with information on who is visiting your site, and where they are spending the most time, what kind of device they are using, what town they are in, what keywords they used or links they clicked on to get to your site.   It really provides you with a 360 degree overview.   Let’s assume that your business is selling a product or running a marketing campaign.  Google Analytics can be setup to let you know how much traffic is actually converting to leads and or sales.

All of this is done by simply installing a snippet of code on each page you wish to track,. This code is invisible to the person viewing the page.  At the same time, it collects a variety of data that gets stored in a data room, on who they are and how they are interacting with your site.

It’s worth a shot for any business to implement.  Reach out, and I’ll fill you in on all your possible options.